Here’s Peter Fletcher playing a gorgeous 1957 Manuel Velazquez spruce and CSA rosewood guitar. He plays John Dowland’s Lady Hunsdon’s Puffe and the Sarabande from Bach’s Solo Violin Partita No. 1. We’ll have more of Peter in the weeks to come.

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3 Responses to “Peter Fletcher plays 1957 Manuel Velazquez”

  1. The player is good and the guitar is capable of saying a great deal in its voice but I have to say that the player is overplaying a truly beautiful instrument in its own class.

    I build a stronger instrument than this but I respect its class and beauty of sound by a fine world class builder. Let’s see how truly beautiful this instrument is when paired with a more sensitive player.

    Applause to both player and guitar

  2. Jeff Gosselin says:

    Tom, Mr. Fletcher’s interpretation and approach to the instrument in these videos is adequately sensitive and at the same time rousing and expressive. Have another listen and keep an open mind.

  3. Thomas Moorer says:

    Jeff, good for you! I agree that the playing is indeed fine. Ideally, each player plays up to their best when recording. Our guitar community should encourage all players and promote the instruments and music so that it will continue to grow and prosper.

    @Mr. Fletcher, thank you for the videos and I especially liked the chosen compositions. Well done!


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