Our own Tara Stewart (she shoots and edits all our videos – you may have noticed the improvement since she took over!) was in Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago and visited Otto Vowinkel, who happened to be working on a guitar for GSI at the moment. It’s a rosewood and spruce that sports a new rosette with Amsterdam’s XXX symbol. This is not a reference to Amsterdam’s famous red-light district, but rather taken from Amsterdam’s coat of arms, which dates back to 1505 and is explained quite nicely here. The headstock of Otto’s guitars also mimics the building in which he works in Amsterdam, so this guitar is very Dutch in its design aesthetics.

Otto was beginning to French polish the guitar when Tara visited, so the guitar should be ready in a few weeks or perhaps a month or so. I asked Otto about the guitar and the woods and he told me that the spruce was from a batch of wood he bought 25 years ago and has a lot of ‘mirror’ (which he says is a good sign) and a hint of bear claw.

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3 Responses to “Coming Soon – Otto Vowinkel”

  1. peter linde says:


    is there a chance that you make a Youtube-Video this new Vowinkel guitar played?

    Greatings Peter

  2. peter linde says:

    HI Kai,

    wow that would be wonderfull, i am a great fan of Mr. Vowinkels guitars. Thank you very much.

    greatings Peter


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