Luthier and guitarist Florian Blochinger was back at GSI delivering some stunning instruments and playing them for us, too. Here he is playing Tarrega’s Adelita and Tarrega’s arrangement of Sebasti├ín Yradier’s La Paloma on a 2016 Florian Blochinger and a 2017 Florian Blochinger, respectively, and then Florian and JohnPaul Trotter play Pepe Romero’s arrangement of Albeniz’ Granada on both guitars.

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5 Responses to “Florian Blochinger plays Florian Blochinger”

  1. jose Ademir says:

    Very good.

  2. Jim Sinclair says:

    Very nice duo – JohnPaul did a great job playing this piece, with a very nice instrument! Need to see more of him playing as well. Nice to hear a luthier demonstrate his own instrument – he knows how much of himself he put into it, and enjoyable to hear the results.

  3. Stephen pandov says:

    Bravo, muchachos. What beautiful guitars with a wonderfully lyrical sound. Very nicely played to. I enjoyed this guitar treat. Thank you

  4. Charlie Puth says:

    Mucho this sounds amazing. Bravo

  5. Daniel says:

    Very nice…good feeling…congrats


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