A client gave us the idea to do some videos of some fantastic Simplicio guitars we have at the moment (it’s rare enough to have one, much less two, and from consecutive years!) alongside a 2010 John Weissenrieder ‘Simplicio’. It seemed very appropriate to play some Tarrega on these guitars, so Alex Park played Lagrima on the Weissenrieder and a 1929 Simplicio with a spruce top and CSA rosewood back and sides, and Recuerdos de la Alhambra on the Weissenrieder and a great 1928 Simplicio, also spruce but with satinwood back and sides (like the Weissenrieder).

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2 Responses to “Alex Park plays Simplicio”

  1. Rene says:

    John’s instrument gets close in sound! Maybe not quite the depth of the lower E string. It seems the main difference may be what 80 years of age difference and playing an instrument does to the sound. Lusher, rounder, a bit fuller. But the new one sounds just as lovely in many ways. Nice performances.

  2. i love them both but i have the 2006 model and she has aged to perfection thanku guitar salon for directing me to buy this gift of music susie croteau


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