We have photos of a new guitar being made for us by American luthier Andy Culpepper – a beautiful African rosewood and cedar classical guitar that has an interesting story. Andy is building this guitar as part of a collaborative project with Washington luthier Chris Sobel. They are using sister-cut African Rosewood for the back and sides and Western Red Cedar for the top. The bridge and bracewood are also from the same stock. The goal is to explore the implications of different building styles with nearly identical woods. The guitars will be evaluated by prominent members of the classical guitar community, and an article is in the works. GSI will be receiving Andy’s guitar once the evaluations are complete.

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2 Responses to “Coming Soon – Andy Culpepper”

  1. Craig Jordan says:

    Great Idea! I believe that this would be very educational for all of us that are interested in how specific building techniques like bracing styles can impact the voice of an instrument. I would love to hear audiophile recordings of the guitars that are being built for this project. I look forward to reading the article.

  2. C Moore says:

    Jeffrey Elliott bracing for the top. Will be fun to see it with some shellac on on the African rosewood.


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