Here’s Duo Pacifica – JohnPaul Trotter and Renee Henn – playing Laurindo Almeida’s arrangement of A Casinha Pequenina, with JohnPaul playing a beautiful 2017 Florian Blochinger cedar-top classical.

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3 Responses to “Duo Pacifica plays Almeida (2017 Florian Blochinger)”

  1. Jim Sinclair says:

    Very nice duet – Almeida would be proud! And, a very nice sounding guitar – I liked it!!

  2. Robert Deuble says:

    Nice piece played well. Is the arrangement available?

    • JohnPaul says:

      Thank you Robert! You can find this arrangement in the book “Brazilian Reflections” and is originally for voice and guitar. Cheers!


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