Here’s the 2nd installment of Vincent Stefanelli’s ‘Spotlight on Guitar’ series, and he deals with some of the basics of taking care of yourself as a musician so you can play as long as you need to and stay healthy and productive.

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4 Responses to “Spotlight On Guitar”

  1. Humberto Santamaria says:

    Great information, but please adjust the volumen – up…up…to 0 db.
    I try in 2 different computers and the volume is to low (I am using Bose earphones, that sound very well).
    Sorry for the comment. Humberto

    • Vinny Stefanelli says:


      My apologies for the low volume… I will try to make adjustments on this and upload it again if possible – but I will be sure to make the next program well audible. Thanks, Vinny Stefanelli

  2. Arnold Goldstein says:

    Your comments are both motivating and inspiring!
    I am always on the fringe of practicing and I feel as if now I’ll really get into it. I look forward to your next episode about practicing.

    I also very much enjoyed Frank Singers commentary enlightining.
    Arnold G

  3. Arnold,

    Sorry for not responding sooner…

    I have to say that the first thing that came to my my when you said that you’re always on the fringe of practicing is: forget about practicing – the guitar should be about fun, relaxing, creating. Forget about practicing and just PLAY. Cheers,

    Vinny Stefanelli


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