Here’s Greek guitarist Smaro Gregoriadou playing Bach’s Sarabande from the 1st Cello Suite, BWV 1007, on a gorgeous 1962 Ignacio Fleta spruce-top – a stunning sounding guitar from one of the world’s most revered luthiers. For those who are curious, the guitar support Smaro uses is the ‘Superior’ model Kertsopoulos guitar support-amplifier.

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4 Responses to “Smaro Gregoriadou plays Bach (1962 Fleta)”

  1. A wonderful performance, by a beautiful player, on a legendary guitar.
    Please tell us more about that kertsopoulus amplifier support! if that is an organic “soundbox,” I’m very interested.

  2. Dwight Purdy says:

    Once again I am astonished:so many superb guitarists I did not know. And the Bach sarabande is truly heavenly.

  3. Christopher McKee says:

    Thanks. Excellent performance and remarkable guitar. I learn so much from this website!

  4. Marius Pessah says:

    Superb guitarist playing on an incredible
    instrument. Her ornamentations are
    played flawlessly. Her nails are a bit too
    long and her tone a bit metallic,
    Great talent.
    Where is she from?


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