Rabello & Bosco

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These guys are amazing, in very different ways. Clearly if Rabello had been born in Spain he would have been one of the great flamenco guitarists – he’s got a very flamenco sound to my ear. And Bosco is just amazing. Only thing really connecting them is that I was listening to them both and they’re Brazilian. Enjoy.

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5 Responses to “Rabello & Bosco”

  1. They just wowed me! This just gives me much reasons to appreciate classical guitarists and exactly how beautiful it can get when a classical guitar is played. Warm thanks for sharing this video! Enjoyed it so much!

    Cheers! =)

  2. cuchares says:

    Sounds like a solea of PDL.In a tuning and pretty guitar.

  3. cuchares says:

    Diego carrasco OLE

  4. ronjazz says:

    Rafael turned me into a 7-string classical/jazz/flamenco guitarist. His musicinship was of the very highest order.


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