Here’s more of Jiji, this time playing the Gigue from Paul Lansky’s Partita for Guitar and Percussion on a great 2015 Zoran Kuvac cedar and African rosewood classical. Jiji will have her Carnegie Hall debut in 2018, so to keep her track of her doings over the coming years check her out at her website –

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2 Responses to “Jiji plays Lansky Gigue (2015 Zoran Kuvac)”

  1. Marius Pessah says:

    I have never heard of Jiji before but clearly her playing
    shows her genius. Where has she been hiding? Her playing
    is secure , accomplished and dynamic. Alas another piece written for
    the guitar to demonstrate the players acumen but leaves me
    emotionally unmoved. I loved the pyrotechnics and that’s about
    it. I wish this trend would stop. We need more heartfelt pieces.
    The guitar was great but the wrong piece to really show its

  2. Lyle Clapp says:



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