Here’s Olivia Chiang playing Pat Coldrick’s ‘Lament’ on a 2012 Ovia by Tony Chen ‘Byers’ model in cedar and Indian rosewood. “Ovia” comes from Segovia and Tony studied with Greg Byers, so this model is his tribute to Greg.

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2 Responses to “Olivia Chiang – Coldrick ‘Lament’ (2012 Tony Chen)”

  1. James Chiang says:

    Thanks GSI ! Another great video came through, nice composition by Pat Coldrick and the guitar is charming, sensitive which reminds me so much of Gregory Byers nice art work.

    Sheet music is available at: http://www.patcoldrick.com/buy-music.html#!/Buy-Sheet-Music/c/10836418/offset=0&sort=normal

  2. djg says:

    Very nice. Clean, crisp, clear and articulate…


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