Jaxon Williams is the new graduate teaching assistant at USC, where he is pursuing his DMA under Bill Kanengiser, not to mention his being a Fullbright scholar (he wisely chose to study guitar in Sevilla). He stopped in to record some videos, and here he is playing Carlos Rivera’s Whirler of the Dance on a fantastic German Vazquez Rubio ‘Custom Elite’ – Rubio’s top-of-the-line model – built with the finest spruce and padauk and his most elegant inlay and crafstmanship.

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6 Responses to “Jaxon Williams plays GV Rubio Custom Elite”

  1. Bill K says:

    Beautiful job, Jaxon! Carlos would be proud.

  2. OK, I’m Jealous, the guitar does what you tell it to.

    Congratulations to German Vasquez Rubio.

    And bravo to the player.

    Tom Blackshear


  3. Awesome!!!! Congratulations to the player!

  4. Kurt says:

    Great piece, great guitar potentially, excellent performance. Is this piece published? Oughta be!

  5. Ronda T. says:

    Absolutely beautiful! (The music, the performance AND the guitar).

  6. nicci says:

    That is some amazing talent!


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