Check out this lovely piece on NPR about Leo Brouwer’s legacy, which includes some very interesting details about his life and how that influenced his musical upbringing. Here’s a great quote that I think we all responded to:

“To be useful is something incredible, because you’re at the service of the world,” Brouwer says in Spanish. “Humans, when they communicate, when they teach, when they show, when they give … they’re doing one of the most beautiful things in life … Perhaps my roots in solitude, of being an orphan — it forces me to these reflections.”

You can read the entire article and see a few videos here.

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One Response to “Leo Brouwer – ‘To Be Useful Is Something Incredible’”

  1. Carla Kelly says:

    As a luthier, I hear a lot of music, both recorded and original. Of all of it, I think I love your compositions most. Thank you for all the beauty that you have given us!


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