Here’s flamenco guitarist El Molina playing some Soleá on an amazing 1958 Manuel Reyes flamenco blanca that happens to have a shorter scale (with no loss of power whatsoever). This guitar is in fantastic condition and a great example of an early Reyes.

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3 Responses to “El Molina plays 1958 Reyes”

  1. Thomas Knatt says:

    A very nice, pensive solea. Great clarity of notes in the guitar.

  2. Since I build after the style of Reyes, I have to say this instrument is set in its voice with much clarity to bear. And even though Reyes built certain voicing into his instruments at that time in history, they still manage to give us a distinct margin of what greatness was back in earlier days.

    Naturally his guitars have seen a change in style and voicing through out the years but this remains a testimony to one of the greatest flamenco guitar builders in Antiquity.

    Tom Blackshear guitar builder

  3. Excellent sound. The white golpe plates are frankly ugly. Overpriced, in my opinion.


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