When Olivia Chiang was last here we thought it would be fun to hear her play some Bach on two great Greg Smallman guitars we had at the moment – a 1992 cedar-top and the 2003 cedar guitar that had belonged to Ben Verdery – to see just how similar to one another they sounded. So here she is playing Bach’s Prelude in E, BWV 1006 on two Smallmans made eleven years apart from one another.

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2 Responses to “Olivia Chiang – Bach on Two Smallmans”

  1. I listened to these in sequence and in parallel. I cannot hear the difference. But – no telling how much my high end hearing has been lost after over 50 years of playing.

  2. Judy Agusti says:

    Beautiful playing. The 2003 Smallman has a more luxurious sound, with the notes resonating for longer. The 1992 has crisper, brighter notes. So, depending on what you as an artist prefer, the result is still mesmerizing.


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