As we celebrate the bicentennial of the birth of Antonio de Torres, who both established the modern guitar as we know it and set a standard of sound quality that contemporary luthiers are still striving to match, it’s fun to look back at all of the videos we have shot on these historic guitars. From the first video we shot of Grisha Goryachev playing an 1890 Torres (the spruce and cypress SE 144 in a video shot completely with a Flip camera) to Andrew York playing Yamour on La Italica from 1888 (our most-watched video ever with over half a million views) to our most recent Torres video of Tavi Jinariu playing another 1888 Torres from the Russell Cleveland collection, we’ve had so much fun learning what these instruments are capable of as much as 150 years after their construction. So check out the Torres playlist on YouTube to hear these amazing instruments with everything from Tarrega to contemporary and Brazilian music. You can click here to go to the playlist or just watch the video below and you’ll be taken to more Torres videos at the end.

Also, check out our Torres Replica playlist to hear guitars built by great contemporary luthiers striving to achieve that ‘Torres sound’.

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