Check out the top 5 video picks from sales associate Andrew Lee:

1) Barrios ‘Una Limosna Por El Amor De Dios’ played by Jennifer Kim (2005 Edmund Blochinger)
When I first watched this video I thought, she’s not human…Her tremolo is literally out of this world – it really showcases the 2005 Blochinger’s capability and confirms once again that it is a world class instrument. Excited to see what comes next for this young and talented artist after her studies at Peabody with Barruecos.

2) Jacob Cordover – Here, There and Everywhere (1957 Bream Hauser)
One of my favorite arrangements, of one of my favorite Beatles tunes, on one of my favorite guitars, by one of my favorite performers recorded at GSI. I was told to reach out to Jacob Cordover and his duo partner Rubert Boyd by a mutual friend of ours and couldn’t be more grateful for his suggestion. I was able to meet and chat with Jacob briefly before the video shoot as he was warming up and got an immediate impression of his excitement and immense talent.

3) Roland Dyens – Berimbau by Baden Powell (1947 Bouchet)
Some might not call this the most pristine effort by Dyens but I love the honesty and rawness of his performance. It’s also really interesting to see how other instruments are interpreted by Dyen’s in his arrangement of Berimbau. Baden Powell is one of my favorite composers, and Dyen’s playing Powell, on Bouchet’s second guitar he ever built, definitely takes me to my happy place.

4) George Gershwin Prelude No. 2 – Matthias Lang plays 1925 Domingo Esteso
You don’t typically hear many Gershwin arrangements for classical guitar and this one is killer! Matthias was able to make some time on his vacation to the US to record some video with us – it almost didn’t happen due to a scheduling conflict but he made it work and so glad he did! He is currently the professor of guitar at Soochow University in China and among his students are finalists and prize winners of many international competitions in Asia. Plus Gershwin on a gorgeous 1925 Esteso, no brainer!

5) Taso Comanescu plays 2015 Richard Reynoso
I tried to pick more unconventional pieces but couldn’t go without at least one by Bach! Plus Taso absolutely crushes this performance. He is an extraordinary young performer, teacher and good guy all around. The guitar he is playing was made by another young talent, Richard Reynoso who we speak of very highly here and it’s pretty obvious why!

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