Here’s a very cool and singular guitar – a Hermann Hauser III guitar from 1990 that he made for Celedonio Romero using a top that was put together by his grandfather, Hermann Hauser I, in 1946. Since Hauser I would have used only aged wood for his tops, it stands to reason that the spruce top is around 100 years old, even though the guitar is only 21 years old. David Collett, who probably knows Hauser guitars better than just about anyone alive, thinks it sounds pretty much exactly like a Hauser I.

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6 Responses to “Hauser III with Hauser I Top”

  1. James says:

    It sounds like a banjo.

  2. Lawrence Tendler says:

    But a very expensive banjo .

  3. james says:

    hmmm, nail check

  4. Lawrence says:

    sound very sharp tone and harsh sounding guitar…maybe too loud the player plays

  5. Lawrence Tendler says:

    The Lawrence who said : ” sound very sharp tone and harsh sounding guitar ” is not me ,he is a different Lawrence .I do not wish to criticize Hauser guitars ,I rather like them.

  6. Don W says:

    There is the usual Hauser Clarity and even sound string to string.The artist is excellent. Either the strings are very low or this excellent artist is attacking too heavily hence the previous comments. His right hand also remains right at the edge of the soundhole for the duration of the example played. I would have loved to have experienced a moving right hand to hear what other colors there are. I have played a couple of great Hausers and they were fantastic projection boxes. You have to hold back a little but when you know the proper attack force, they are a great joy to experience.


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