Guitarist Iren Arutyunyan was kind enough to stop by and record some videos for us last week before running off to Georgia for the GFA convention. Here she is playing a Ramirez, a Kurt Becker and a Stefano Moccetti:

This is actually a 1974 Ramirez, but I got the date wrong on the video (it’ll take a minute to fix that). She’s playing Albeniz’ ‘Cadiz’.

This is Roland Dyens’ ‘Tango en Skai’ played on the Kurt Becker. I’m not sure why this guitar hasn’t sold yet – probably because Becker isn’t so well known – but it’s a great guitar.

And this is Eduardo Sainz de La Maza’s ‘Campanas Del Alba’ played on the Stefano Moccetti.

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21 Responses to “Iren Arutyunyan at GSI”

  1. That was lovely! I honestly rarely see female guitarists who play classical or any other type of guitar. I mean I know that they exist but too often, more male guitar players are featured.
    This was really fun watching her and I love listening to the songs she played. I’m wondering what’s the title she played on the first and second one.
    As a female classical music lover, I admire her musicality and passion to this kind of music.
    Thanks for sharing this videos! Truly amazing.


  2. Kai says:

    I added the names of the pieces. Thanks for reminding me.

    And for now I think it’s just the reality that there are so many more male guitarists, but there are some great women setting the example that there’s nothing inherently male about the guitar, so hopefully we’ll get more and more with time.


    • cuchares says:

      The classical guitar seems to me to come from the salon and played as a genteel instrument for ladies.It’s been butched up w/ volume and speed but retains the somber chamber like dirge of needle point and marrige chest doweries.A Music repetoire for sad secret sorrows preceeding a quaff from the fanged chalice mopped delicately with a monogramed silken hankie.

  3. Thanks for the additional info Kai! 🙂 I also saw the videos on YouTube and subscribed on GSIguitars channel.

  4. Joao Ernani F Filho says:

    Music is for everyone! Some ladies of the guitar (that I know, there are, of course, many more that I don´t): Josephina Robledo (who was a Tarrega’s friend), Maria Luisa Anido, Maria Livia São Marcos, Olga Pragner (who was a Segovia’s friend), Sharon Isbin, Lily Afshar, those who won major competitions – Antigoni Goni, Elena Papandreou, Anabel Montesinos, Martha Masters, Ana Vidovic, Irina Kulikova – Kaori Muraji, Cristina Azuma, Maria Haro, Maria do Céu, Badi Assad, Rosinha de Valença and many, many others… There are also several duos formed by couples, the “Siqueira-Lima” is one of my favorities.

  5. Brian says:

    One more name to add to the list – Alice Artzt. For a wonderful four-part masterclass in playing 19th century guitar music, check out her videos on YouTube. Inspirational…!

  6. David says:

    And it absolutely essential to add the classical and flamenco guitarist Virginia Luque to any such list!

  7. Doug says:

    Wonderful renditions. I was wondering whether the Ramirez 1A played by Iren has a spruce or cedar top

  8. Bill says:

    Please delete these negative comments from people who do not know about the many female artists and composers for guitar. They are depressing and take away from the value of your website.

  9. susan says:

    Hi, Is there any way to get in touch with Iren?

  10. Sean says:

    I often wonder what my life would have been like if I had met a beautiful woman like this that shared my passion for played the guitar. I’m happily married with children, but it still makes me wonder, what if? Nevermind that, she plays beautifully. I love her passion for music.

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  12. Y8 says:

    Nice melody it very lovely and romantic in ways…she’s so talented…thumbs up to you miss Iren Arutyunyan.:-)

  13. Joao Ernani F Filho says:

    Yeah, I agree with Jamie, Berta Rojas, one of the most important players of Barrios’ music. Also Maria Isabel Siewers, that recorded several works of Maximo Pujol (some of them, those for two guitars, with him).

    • JAMIE says:

      Yes, Berta now plays as I believe it to be a Michael O’Leary. An Irish Builders that seems to really have acquired a piano alike acoustic sound with some Spanish tone and he have seemed to find that niche; Spanish and Projection in a Lattice guitar. I wish GSI would introduce this guitars for us players.

  14. michael rooney says:

    like I have never seen before……WOW…..hat’s off to the lady…..

  15. JAMIE says:

    Can’t wait for my Centenario. I absolutely love the Madrid sound, so warm, mysterious and deep.

    Cheers to Christ, My Lord and Savior
    To My Daughter, Ariel


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