We stopped by the Romero compound in Del Mar, CA and spent some time with Pepe Romero and the Blochinger Pine Guitar, and of course we had to record Pepe playing the guitar itself. Check out Pepe playing Evocación and Tonadilla by Angel Barrios on this magnificent instrument and then discussing the history of the woods with GSI president David Collett. And you can read much more about the guitar and the wood used for the pine top here.

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8 Responses to “Pepe Romero plays the Blochinger Pine Guitar”

  1. I love listening to Pepe. I have some of his recordings. I love classical guitar, along with Electric!

    Great inspiration.

    Beautiful guitar with pine wood. My classical is cedar. i should get another guitar with pine. I only have 11!

  2. Allen Essensa says:

    Absolutely fascinating. A wonderful story and interview.

  3. Monique Ledermann says:

    these pine wood guitars sing and cry like pines in the wind in the forest…well my take on it 🙂 And I love Pepe Romero’s playing…one of the very great!

  4. Martin says:

    Beautiful guitar…very bright and clear tone.
    Does anyone know where I can find the sheet music to Evocacion?
    Played the video for my wife and she requested I learn it.
    Checked a few places online, but couldn’t find it.


  5. Tom Mondschein says:

    I have a 1973 Hernandez with Spanish pine top which is sounding better and better with each passing year.


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