We’ll soon receive a guitar from our newest luthier – Pavlos Gypas from Greece. Pavlos has established himself as one of Greece’s leading luthiers, and he made this guitar especially for GSI. The video he recorded for us features a 16-year-old Antigoni Baxe playing Antonio J. Manjon’s ‘Aire ‘Vasco’. Given this performance she looks like a real up and comer. We’ll definitely post more when the guitar comes in.

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4 Responses to “Antigoni Baxe Plays Pavlos Gypas”

  1. Mark says:

    My Yamaha G-255s sounds like this in a stairwell… Kinda’…

  2. Pavel Ralev says:

    Excellent! Very nice playing! The quality of the video doesn’t allow me to say much about the guitar, but from what I heard seems that she loves it! Otherwise very good technique and very mature playing for this age. Thanks for posting!

  3. SteveCee says:

    Excellent! A future up and comer. Keep the videos coming. 🙂

  4. Breathtaking! At her young age, she just plays incredibly fantastic. Loved it so much!

    And the guitar, I’m literally “drooling” over it. *chuckles* Well it sounds powerful if I may say. I’m not a professional but the sound I hear is just perfect to my ears. 🙂


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