This is a really fun guitar that just came in. It’s a brand new Lester DeVoe cedar flamenco with mechanical pegs, and here’s me trying it out, playing some bulerias.

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4 Responses to “2011 Lester DeVoe Cedar-Top with Pegs”

  1. Manny says:

    Great sound, Kai makes it sing.

  2. Victor says:

    Hi GS,

    Can you tell me what type of pegs are on the DeVoe? Are you selling these pegs?



    • Kai says:

      They’re the mechanical ones, but I don’t know what brand or anything. And we don’t carry them. I’d check with luthiers you know if you want to have some installed (I wouldn’t risk installing them myself). G. V. Rubio does them pretty often here in L. A. and he’d probably know which ones work best.

  3. Kai, this is not to over ride Lester Devoe whom I think is a great maker, in fact, the best I’ve heard you sound with any guitar.

    Francisco Navarro guitars:

    I wrote a honest opinion of Poncho’s guitars months ago but I have to add this bit of news from a good friend of mine who knows Navarro very well.

    Some very good news came to me today from a long time player friend of mine who lives in Houston Texas, named Elario Lozano.

    He just told me that Francisco Navarro, a builder in Mexico, sold two of his guitars to Vicente Amigo during Vicente’s recent concert tour there; a negra and a Blanca flamenco guitar.

    Elario said, Vicente told Francisco that his Blanca guitar was every bit as good as his 1988 Reyes, which has been his concert guitar of choice for many years.

    In fact, Vicente left his 1988 Reyes for Francisco to restore, since much of the finish was in bad shape. ….It sounds as if Vicente may have found a luthier who is very simpatico with his style of playing.

    Vicente told Francisco that he would do a video of the guitar when he got back to Spain, and send it to him.

    He also asked Francisco where he learned to build that model, and Francisco said, “I have a friend in San Antonio who showed me how to build it.”

    This lifted my spirit quite high, especially since I’m just getting over a bad case of the Flu. This was the best medicine of all.

    I might also add that once this news gets out on video, Francisco will have more work than he can handle, which is actually the case right now, but not impossible at the moment.

    If interested, you can contact Ron Hudson, I’m sure you know the number

    Tom Blackshear guitar maker


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