Here’s Aaron Larget-Caplan playing Roland Dyens’ Tango en Skai on a gorgeous 2015 Pepe Romero Jr. ‘Centenario’ model in cedar and CSA rosewood. The Centenario models honor the 100th anniversary of the birth of Romero’s grandfather, the great Celedonio Romero.

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8 Responses to “Aaron Larget-Caplan plays 2015 Pepe Romero ‘Centenario’”

  1. Ross jones says:

    Aaron, i had the pleasure of watching Dyens play it at NGW a few years ago. You captured his feeling. Must be since you are married to a French lady. Ross

  2. Tom Silver says:

    Aaron – brilliant, as usual.


  3. Alex says:

    Such a great video! You make the scales look easy and I like all of the personal touches you added.

  4. Shiwei Huang says:

    Aaron you always Rock!


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