There seems to be no shortage of options when it comes to online classical guitar lessons, but when we heard about Tavi Jinariu’s new project we became very excited. Over the past several years GSI and Tavi Jinariu have collaborated on a number of projects. Most visibly Tavi has done numerous performance videos on our guitars, which have been among our most popular. We are therefore very pleased to recommend to you the classical guitar lessons and repertoire tutorials site EliteGuitarist provided by Tavi Jinariu and other great instructors.

EliteGuitarist’s approach is aimed to help get busy people playing great pieces of music quickly and easily. The repertoire tutorials bypass hours of drills and exercises and instead gets students playing actual classical guitar pieces quickly. Each of these lessons is taught note-for-note. You can learn how to play studies by Fernando Sor, Tarrega’s ‘Capricho Arabe,’ Myers’ ‘Cavatina,’ and many other classics from the standard repertoire. Additionally, the instructors at EliteGuitarist generously share performance pointers, phrasing options, tonal variation suggestions and other practical aspects of guitar playing. The repertoire tutorial library is quickly expanding and, for the price of roughly 3 or 4 in-person lessons, students can get full access to the entire library for the year. Elite Guitarist also offers separate technique packages in addition to the repertoire tutorials.

EliteGuitarist’s direct approach to teaching the repertoire in this way has already helped many people get playing who were previously admiring the classical guitar repertoire from the sidelines. Tavi’s vision to enlarge the number of enthusiasts playing the classical guitar in the community is aligned with our mission here at GSI. GSI has agreed to support EliteGuitarist by providing concert-level instruments to be used for the performances and repertoire tutorials.

Here is the first lesson highlighting this collaboration. The piece is the second movement from Agustin Barrios Mangore’s famous ‘La Catedral’. The Andante Religioso is somber and reverent in character resembling a religious procession. It is generally believed that Barrios’ ‘La Catedral’ is a tribute to J.S. Bach. Classical guitarist Ines Thome, effectively teaches the mechanics of this piece and provides useful performance insights that will help you understand the inner workings of the piece and increase your interpretive vocabulary for the Andante Religioso.

Check out the 2017 Jochen Rothel cedar/satinwood guitar used in this performance demonstration and sample lesson. You can access the full tutorial on the EliteGuitarist website.

Drop us a comment and let us know how these lessons are helping you in your guitar pursuits.

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13 Responses to “GSI Teams Up with EliteGuitarist to Provide Online Lessons”

  1. RF says:

    From what I see in this example lesson, I do not see any music notations being shown along the teaching. Is it the goal of this on line tutorial to teach orally and visually without notes, charts and tablature?

  2. Rusty says:

    RF – I checked out the site and it looks like charts are provided with the lesson videos. Looks like this could be really cool!

  3. Tim Crawford says:

    I have purchased a few of the individual songs. I have found some include sheet music or sheet music and tablature and still others have none. I am thinking or rather hoping these will be included in the future.

    An example of this is Wild Mountain Thyme ( think I spelled this wrong) where there is music and tablature by Scott Tennant or Preludio de Adios where there is no sheet music or tablature.

    I’m kind of hoping to be good enough to write it myself. All I need is time and initiative. It’s really a cool site and I’m loving the idea of Elte Guitarist teaming up with GSI.

    There was a short time ago even an offer from Elite Guitarist. If you bought one of the annual lessons you could be given a coupon for a reduction in price of a guitar at GSI. Don’t know if that offer is good anymore. IMO , it doesn’t matter. It’s still a great venue for people like myself that wants to learn classical at my own speed. The performances are incredible! I heard lesson 1 of Fernando Sor done by Tasso. I had no clue that was how it goes. In that case, the sheet music really helped. I could see the passages where I went wrong. I’m actually still working on it.

    • Hi Tim,
      We are included the sheet music and tablature with each of the tutorials offered. There are some exceptions to this general practice. We tried hard to secure copyright permissions but were unable to do so for some of the pieces. In those cases we are simply providing a link for folks to purchase the music directly from the publisher or arranger. Thanks for being part of the EliteGuitarist community. Cheers!

    • And, yes, the offer is still valid. Every subscriber to the EliteGuitarist unlimited yearly package receives a 25% discount at GSI for up to $1,000 in discounts. In other words, if you are looking to purchase a guitar, you will likely get your first year unlimited access membership for free.

  4. James says:

    Ines Thomé plays the second movement of La Catedral beautifully. But why not voice the first chord with an open B? Why not voice other chords with open strings, letting the sacred breath of the guitar seep through? Why add the scalar run in the middle to Barrios’ beautiful sparse notes?

    • Thanks for the comment James. There are so many versions of this piece and so many fingering options. We believe it is good to allow some latitude in the way people approach the fingering of this piece. Ines address this issue in the tutorials itself. It all depends on how you want to express the music. Let us know what your preferences are with regards to the fingering and send us a recording if you can. We are all in this together and are always open to better or alternative ways of approaching the music. Cheers!

  5. Dale McDaniels says:

    I’m looking for information, lesson pricing, other available lessons, detc here on this great lesson sample . . . not seeing
    a catalogue, though I could be missing as I quickly scan.
    I love the idea, especially given the sparsity of good classical instructors and would appreciate hearing more.

  6. I’m a beginner. I believe this program is interesting but I feel I’m a long way from being able to participate. I feel sad because I want to learn how to play classical guitar very much. I depth practice and motivation are no problem for me. I always feel others are way ahead of me. Thank you for any advice you can offer.


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