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In January we had the honor of beginning the first daily, for-credit arts class at the Travis County Juvenile Justice System. This is a full lock-down residential facility where juvenile offenders will stay for between 3 and 9 months – there is also a school on site called Gardner Betts.

The class has gone exceedingly well, so well in fact that the facility asked us to double our offerings there this summer – the new schedule began in June. The California-based Heilos Guitar Quartet was coming through Texas in June and stopped by Austin to perform for 70 students at Gardner Betts. In guitar class later that same night, one inspired student wrote “…the Helios Quartet was fantastic, they performed quite great. I hope to also major in guitar possibly one day like them, and play just as well.”

The team is rapidly generating new material in advance of the coming school year. New repertoire is listed below – very soon we will be publishing our overhauled sight-reading as well!

Matthew Hinsley, Executive Director
Austin Classical Guitar Society

New music online!

We are pleased to announce the addition to our online library of the following new score at GuitarCurriculum.com. Log in and check out these additions today. If you would like a trial log-in, Jeremy Osborne, will be happy to assist you!

El Choclo – Angel Villoldo (arr. C Lee), L8-9: upper position reading/shifting

Romanza Variations – (arr. C Lee), L8: upper position reading/complex arpeggios/shifting

Beginnings – Travis Marcum, L1

Unendlich Fruede – F. Schubert (arr. C Lee), L8: intro to 5th position

I beg you – L.V. Beethoven (arr. C Lee), L8: intro to 3rd position

Abbe Stadler – L.V. Beethoven (arr. C Lee), L8: intro to 2nd position

Little Canon – L.V. Beethoven (arr. C Lee), L4: reading on strings 4 and 5

Blue Zone – Chris Lee, L3: im alternation

New Sight-Reading on the way!

Dr. Tom Echols is currently rewriting all of the sight-reading material to include carefully sequenced examples in each level that you can download with sequence documents and optional teacher parts for beginning classes. Look for all new sight-reading in August!

More to come…

Do you have any requests, or would you like to participate as a composer? If so, please contact Mr. Travis Marcum. This resource exists to serve you – the teachers who make a difference in the classroom for so many kids year after year. So if there’s something GuitarCurriculum.com can do for you that is not currently available, or if you would like to share something with others – please let us know.

Guitar Class Advocacy Materials Available

We have materials available from news coverage and letters from students, parents, and teachers, to video as well as a $20,000 social impact study commissioned in 2009 focused on classical guitar classes and the impact they are having in 3 locations here in Austin. These are the kinds of tools that can help demonstrate the value of great guitar classes to educators, parents and administrators. To request these advocacy tools – or if you have similar items you’d like us to share – please contact Dr. Matthew Hinsley.

Trial Subscriptions Available

If you are not a current subscriber to GuitarCurriculum.com (the cost is $250/year and all fees are used directly to help administer and enhance the service) we’d be happy to give you a personally guided tour over the phone and set you up with a trial subscription. Contact Assistant Director of Education at ACGS Mr. Jeremy Osborne.

What is GuitarCurriculum.com?

GuitarCurriculum.com is a carefully graded sequence of music, worksheets and quizzes, and sight-reading, designed to give classroom teachers the tools to effectively engage students of differing abilities at the same time in educationally sound, expressive music-making. The system is strictly in 3-parts, but the parts are interchangeable allowing for instant online customization of arrangements so that kids at all levels and be engaged and challenged effectively. The GuitarCurriculum.com online interface allows teachers to search instantly for scores that will fit the unique needs of their classrooms.

GuitarCurriculum.com, a 6-year project of the Austin Classical Guitar Society (a nonprofit organization) is in use in over 50 North American locations now, and powers 25 programs in Austin serving around 1,500 students in daily classes each week. Our vision for the curriculum is that it will continue to be a helpful tool developed by educators, for educators, to enhance our resources as we strive to create the most enriching classroom guitar experiences for the countless young people we have the privilege of seeing each day.

Contact the Austin Classical Guitar Society

For questions concerning GuitarCurriculum.com, administrative concerns, to be added or removed form this mailing list, or to handle all payment or purchase order questions, please contact ACGS Director of Operations April Long.

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