Here is another repertoire tutorial brought to you by EliteGuitarist and Guitar Salon International. Today’s tutorial is Study #6 by Fernando Sor. Sor’s studies are brief musical capsules that offer a wealth of opportunities for technical, fingering, tonal, and phrasing experimentation. Sor’s study #6 is a lighthearted miniature, with a beautiful melodic line and accompanying arpeggios. Although the piece is relatively accessible from a technical point of view, what separates performers of this piece is the attention to the fine details. In this rendition of study #6 Tavi Jinariu departs from the original Segovia fingerings and effectively argues for an alternative fingering based on various musical sequences within the study and based on Segovia’s own fingering philosophy. Check out the full tutorial along with many other repertoire tutorials at and start playing this piece today.

Tavi plays a beautiful Teodoro Perez ‘Maestro’ in cedar and pau ferro.

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