Here’s a very rare treat – Scott Tennant and Marcelo Kayath playing ‘Divertimento’, the only guitar duo written by Andrés Segovia. The piece has not been widely performed, although the Abreu brothers recorded it in 1968 for their album “The Guitars of Sergio and Eduardo Abreu” from 1968 and one can find a few videos on YouTube these days.

GSI recently provided Segovia’s 1969 Jose Ramirez guitar, which the maestro played from1969 until 1980, to Scott Tennant for his Guitar CoOp recording of Segovia’s compositions. Kayath is the founder of Guitar CoOp in addition to having been one of the great guitarists of his generation (along with Tennant et al). So it just made sense to have the two of them take advantage of the circumstances and record Segovia’s only guitar duet together. Tennant plays the 1969 Ramirez and Kayath plays a gorgeous 1966 David Rubio.

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6 Responses to “Tennant and Kayath play Segovia ‘Divertimento’”

  1. James says:

    Consummate playing by exceptional musicians.

    I have to say the composition grows on you with repeated listening. Segovia, while harmonically very conservative, values balance, counterpoint, interactivity.

    Thank you!

  2. Ian Grant says:

    Great work, Guys!! Thanks.

  3. Joel Henderson says:

    Excellent performance and both guitars sound wonderful!

    It’s good to see Mr. Kayath back in action, and I’ve always been a fan of Scott Tennant.

  4. Edwardio says:

    Mummm Spruce or Cedar ? The Guitarra ‘s sound magnifico!

    Fantastic beautiful playing. The romance of Segovia comes to life.

  5. Hi ! It’s great to listen to our friend Scott playing Divertimento. For information, I recorded it with my wife in 2010 (CODA 9010-1).
    Vincea plays … a 1991 spruce top Alejandro, I’m faithful to my beloved… cedar top 1966 Fleta. So… Mmm ?

    A bientôt, R.


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