Our good friend Marcelo Kayath of Guitar CoOp just published an interview he conducted with maestro Pepe Romero at the Koblenz Guitar Festival last year. Marcelo is a great interviewer due to his insider/outsider status (he is recognized as having been one of the great guitarists of his generation but has not really been a part of the scene for the last 30 years) and always brings out the best in his subjects. In Part one of the interview they discuss Pepe’s early years studying with his father and how his lifelong love of flamenco began.

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6 Responses to “Guitar CoOp Interviews Pepe Romero”

  1. Jack Silver says:

    What a lovely interview! Marcelo has a special talent for drawing the very best from the wonderful musicians he interviews. And so it is here in Pepe’s moving reminiscences of his father and when he was young.

  2. Forrest Anderson says:

    Wonderful interview full of insights into the true nature of music and how it is created. Great stuff about teaching. It is hard to imagine a more nurturing environment for learning the guitar.

  3. Rich Peter says:

    I have heard Pepe play many times, and was lucky enough to attended one of his master classes at USC as a guest of the late Jim Smith. I did not play, I was in the audience listening, becoming inspired once again. Each time I hear him speak his voice is kind and sincere; a sweet man, and such an impassioned and inspiring musician. This interview is a wonderful tribute to this great musician.

  4. Eder Francisco says:

    Lovely, lovely. I can’t wait for the second part. Nice surprise. Wonderful stories. Long live Pepe.

  5. Steve Dawdy says:

    Oh Pepe, you inspire us, you warm our hearts, you remind us of the depths of humanity to which music carries us. Thank you for sharing yourself.

  6. Raymond Hopkins says:

    Pepe’s interview was heart warming. He made me listen to my playing differently. I too wanted to feel the music rather than just hear it. I enjoy playing so much more this way. Thank you for your inspiration and sharing your wonderful childhood with us.


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