We were thrilled to have the Duo Montes Kircher stop by the showroom earlier this year to record some videos for us. Husband and wife Alfonso Montes and Irina Montes have been playing as a duo since 1984, and you can hear more about them here in their interview for Scott Wolf’s All Strings Considered podcast. Here they play Montes’ piece Bambuco on a pair of La Cañada 115 and 115A guitars – both based on Torres SE 115, with one in an antiqued look and the other in a clean French polish.

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  1. Freddy Mora says:

    Profe I riña y Alfonso, que bueno verlos aunque sea por esta vía, uno siendo parte de la diaspora de nuestra tierra no hace otra cosa más que extrañar cosas como esta! Un Gran Saludo y Abrazo, desde Melbourne Australia,
    Freddy Mora


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