We are pleased to bring you another tutorial from our friends at Today’s tutorial is for the Allegro Solemne from Barrios’ La Catedral. This last movement of ‘La Catedral’ is one of the most recognizable pieces in the classical guitar repertoire. The Allegro Solemne is a toccata-style fast movement that demands the highest amount of focus, agility and technical prowess. In this tutorial Ines Thome seeks to take away the intimidation factor that guitarists may experience before tackling this piece. She breaks down the entire piece bar by bar and provides detailed instruction on right hand arpeggio techniques, left hand fingerings, and the overall musical direction of the various sections in the piece. Whether you are an advanced player or a an aspiring advanced player, there is something for everyone in this tutorial. The guitar used is a 2005 Fritz Ober: a clear, resonant and powerful instrument, worthy to convey Barrios’ masterpiece composition. Check out the rest of this tutorial and many other classical guitar repertoire tutorials provided by EliteGuitarist.

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5 Responses to “Elite Guitarist Tutorial – La Catedral (Allegro Solemne)”

  1. RF says:

    does this video instruction comes with music notations/tabs? or is meant to be learned by sight and sight?

    • Yes, the transcription is in the engraving process and should be available within the next week on the EliteGuitarist website.

      • RF says:

        what does engraving process mean? is there a simpler way to communicate and is this engraving process availability a fee download or paid transcript?

        • Engraving means taking a bit more care to design the score for best readability. Unlike the simple printout of a score that is automatically rendered by the computer software, engraving involves designing the score, adjusting the space between notes or the size of the notes themselves for the best viewing experience. All of our scores are included for free with a subscription to any of our tutorials.

  2. Paul Reed says:

    What a great tutorial! Break down and details she explains are especially awesome and easy to understand 🙂


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