Our friend Peter Fletcher was in town on tour and stopped by to record some guitars for us. Among the pieces he played was his transcription of Erik Satie’s Reverie du Pauvre, which he played on seven different guitars. So here’s Peter playing Satie on guitars by Kevin Aram, Hermann Hauser III, Paolo Coriani, Loriente, Kazuo Sato, Antonio Raya Pardo and the Hill Guitar Company.

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5 Responses to “Peter Fletcher plays Satie”

  1. Brian McCarthy says:

    Doing my best — and most likely failing — to not be influenced by the name, but… I think I like the Hauser III best. Number two for me is the Aram. I am not an expert by any means, though.

    I always enjoy this sort of comparison.

  2. Davis Noble says:

    Hauser, Sato balanced, nice tone

  3. Jim Doyle says:

    Good to see Peter Fletcher play. Sounds good on all the guitars.
    Peace, Jim Doyle, Albion NY

  4. Jeff Gosselin says:

    Great to see Peter Fletcher back at GSI. The pieces he brings never fail to mystify and educate. I love obscure pieces, and Peter handles Satie with reverence. Surprised to see the Clarita in this bunch, but nice to hear it in capable hands.

  5. Peter Geier says:

    Thanks to GSI to put up these videos. And I have the same feeling that the Kevin Aram and the Hauser did best in the comparison.
    I played the Aram two weeks ago and I liked it really, as it has a very special sound compared to the other ceder ones around.

    Merry Xmas