Here is the latest video tutorial and performance of Bach’s Prelude from the first cello suite provided by our friends at Few pieces receive notoriety equal to this work. The Prelude, with its serene arpeggios and inventive harmonic development, displays in an understated way the genius of Bach. Originally composed for unaccompanied cello, the piece receives new dimensions when played on the guitar as the chords sustain longer and the notes combine to produce lovely harmonies. Taso plays a beautiful 2017 Tobias Berg in spruce and Indian rosewood. Check out the many repertoire video tutorials at EliteGuitarist. You can find the rest of this tutorial here.

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3 Responses to “Elite Guitarist Tutorial – Bach Prelude from Cello Suite 1”

  1. Andrew Shwiff says:

    Excellent tutorial, can you please provide link to Part -2-?
    I am a 3rd year student, have always wanted to learn this piece.

  2. Harvey Freed says:

    Beautiful playing and great tutorial.


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