There’s just been a slew of guitar festivals and competitions, so I was curious to hear what all the winners sounded like. I wasn’t disappointed. Here is video from Vladimir Gorbach’s competition-winning performance at GFA this year, along with a video by Edel Muñoz, who won first place at Boston Guitar Fest and the Tennessee Guitar Festival.

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7 Responses to “Videos – Recent Competition Winners”

  1. Lawrence Tendler says:

    Three fine guitarists .I especially enjoyed Vladimir Gorbach ,his Piazzola is outstanding and a terrific arrangement by assad too .I would be interested as to which guitars they play. The Llobet sor variations is an excellent piece ,often neglected by guitarists. Competitions ,not just guitar competitions ,are to some extent a necessary evil .Sadly ,fine guitarists seem to be a dime-a-dozen these days and , aside from a naxos CD recording ,I don’t know if there is much future preofessionally in guitar playing .Remember english guitarist Nichola Hall who was endorsed by John Williams for example and Simon Dinnigan and many others.Also Marcelo Kayath who stopped playing.Having said that .I sincerely wish these three young guitarists all the success in the world and much luck .

  2. Lawrence Tendler says:

    Professionally ,not preofessionally .A typing error.

  3. Lawrence Tendler says:

    Years ago ,just Segovia ,Bream and Williams ,and maybe Yepes and Diaz .Today there are hundreds of very good players and nowhere for them to go ,except for guitar festivals.

  4. Brian says:

    I think NIcola Hall retired because of hand injury, but you’re right, it’s very hard for a classical guitarist to make a living – at least other string players can get work in orchestras. But it shows that the ones who persevere and ‘master’ (don’t you hate that word?) the guitar, do so for the sheer love of making music and will go on playing – usually in the privacy of their own homes – for the pure enjoyment of the intimate relationship between player and instrument. On a recent trip to Spain I heard a middle-aged guitarist going through the advanced repertoire in a wayside cafe and then picking up a few Euros by selling his CDs. He told me he made a living in the winter by teaching. I sympathised with him, but he was philosophical. “It could be worse hombre” he said, “I might have taken up the harp”.

  5. Joe says:

    Mr. Gorbach,
    I enjoy your playing VERY much. You are very talented. Keep playing. Don’t give up and don’t get burned out. Continue to grow as an artist. Continue to express yourself with all sincerity. All-Piazzolla album from you would be very nice. Good luck. You are going to need it.

  6. Lawrence Tendler says:

    The point is , one should play the guitar because of the love of playing and because one needs to play ,not as a career choice and if that doesn’t work out do something else ,which is the approach some players have.I have always played for the enjoyment of playing.

  7. sam halstead says:

    Geeze, this is a sad subject. I came from Michigan to Miami Florida in hopes of pursuing the rest of my years performing in at least the white tablecloth restaurants in Miami playing my classical songs that I so dearly love. As of this week I had to get a real job while my Ramirez sits alone at home. Its all canned Cha Cha music with drumbeats that the people seem to want. The restaurants are using XM radio and very seldom is there live music. Flamenco is going well if its not solo and if you have the dancer(‘s) to go along with it. Are we becomming extinct? Oh well, I will still continue on with my dreams. Those who I play for like it and I always will admire our Master Guitarists and composers. Long Live Classical Guitar!


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