Grisha Goryachev recently stopped by GSI and played just about every flamenco guitar we have for us! Here are the first few videos, including a 2011 Jesus Bellido, a 2008 Francisco Muñoz Alba that previously belonged to Grisha, a 2006 Conde Hermnaos AF 25/R in koa and spruce, a 1958 Manuel Reyes, a 1957 Arcangel Fernandez, and 2001 Conde Hermanos AF 25/R in spruce and CSA rosewood.

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14 Responses to “Grisha Goryachev at GSI”

  1. Michael says:

    Very nice, I love Listening to him !

  2. Jose Ademir says:

    Grisha. Toca muito. Parabéns .É muito bom ouvir suas interpretações.

  3. Stephen Carney says:

    Always such passion and perfection! Thanks Grisha!

  4. Victor V Tarassov says:

    Beautiful love the way the Reyes sounded.

  5. Brendon Blum says:

    Always enjoy watching his videos, part of reason I got into learning some flamenco guitar. Dare I say his already awesome playing ability seems to be on another level somehow? Maybe its the recording quality but so clean and powerful. Amazing stuff to listen too. Thanks for posting.

  6. Sam Halstead says:

    Very Magical and intensely beautiful. The makers of those guitars should feel such satisfaction !! Thank You.

  7. Rene Dietrich says:

    Thanks for this wonderful display of guitars by a brilliant guitarist. I own a Conde AF 25 with a different rosette. I have to say that the sound of the Arcangel Fernandez really got to me. It sounds similar to a Ramirez I guess, but has such warmth and feeling that in my opinion, stands out from the rest.

  8. Kam says:

    FYI, these videos are “unlisted” on your YouTube channel.

    Absolutely brilliant performances. Please consider releasing a blu-ray of GG’s performances, with interviews on his craft and these pieces.

  9. Elysa says:

    Our gran Maestro! All of these clips are exceptional and sound amazing! Very lucky to have Grisha demo all these guitars. I especially love the way Grisha shortened all of these classics to make them around 2 minites.

  10. Tom says:

    Grisha Goryachev plays these classics of the flamenco guitar so perfectly that he has taught us that there is no need to carp on that they are not his original compositions. The old Reyes sounds magical – no wonder Arcángel said he was the best flamenco guitar maker in Spain. Enhorabuena, Grisha, inmejorable tu toque!

  11. Michael T Rooney says:

    Surprising to me that the Conde sounds as clean as the older cypress models with more volume wow Conde impressive…Grisha impeccable

  12. Michael T Rooney says:

    that is the last conde

  13. Paul says:

    Grisha, you`re really a master. Are there any instructional videos from him to buy online?

  14. Carla Kelly says:

    Amazing, as usual. Grisha, you are exceptional, and we are very fortunate to have your talent and passion in our lives. Happy birthday!


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