It’s been another amazing year for guitar music over here at GSI and as the year wraps up we’d like to take a moment to thank all of the amazing musicians who have lent us their time and talent to create the great videos we publish every week. We obviously couldn’t do any of it without them and we are extremely grateful for the music and for the friends we’ve made over the years in our quest to record every guitar we can get our hands on! So here, in more or less reverse order of appearance, are the artists who have shared their talent with us this year:

Grisha Goryachev
Taso Comanescu
Alfonso Montes
Irina Kircher
Duo Montes Kircher
Iakovos Kolanian
Marcelo Kayath
Scott Tennant
Larry Hammett
Maciej Staszewski
Flynn Spence
Adam Levin
Carlos Santi
Ines Thome
Aaron Larget-Caplan
Peter Janson
Vicente Coves
Andres Coca
Tomasz Fechner
Pepe Romero
Nicolas Acevedo
Jan Depreter
Vladimir Gapontsev
Pavel Kukhta
Yenne Lee
Matthew Fish
Yuri Liberzon
Andrea Gonzalez
Tavi Jinariu
El Molina
Lilit Mardiyan
Jaxon Williams
Olivia Chiang
Andrea de Vitis
Federico Nuñez
Fabiano do Nascimento
Milena Petkovic and Branko Barnic
Alexander Milovanov
Nejc Kuhar
Smaro Gregoriadou
Luis Gallo
JohnPaul Trotter and Renee Henn
Ben Pila
Judicael Perroy
Alex Park
Tina Lo
Florian Blochinger
Peter Fletcher
Irina Kulikova
Wesley Park
Mak Grgic
John Schneider

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4 Responses to “The Year in Videos”

  1. Rojarosguitar says:

    Hello, I asked that question once but lost the information:
    What are the goose-neck microphones that are visible e.g. on the picture above?

    Information will be much appreciated…

    • Kai says:

      The mics in that photos are AKG 451’s with CK28 capsules, and I’m using the VR1 extension tubes, which allow me to place the capsules a bit further from the microphone body. This is convenient when I need separation of, say, two guitars, but don’t want the mics and shockmounts in the way for video purposes. The VR1 extensions are not flexible.

  2. Rojarosguitar says:

    Thanks, Kai… great to know … I’ll keep it this time for reference 🙂


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