Today’s repertoire tutorial, coming to us via EliteGuitarist, is for Un Dia Noviembre by Leo Brouwer. This is a melancholic piece that conquers listeners with its simplicity and elegance. Its catchy melodic lines and the interplay of the minor and major keys bring about an introspective and contemplative musical effect. You can watch the rest of the detailed tutorial here. Ines plays a beautiful 2017 Masaki Sakurai ‘PC’ in cedar and CSA rosewood. For online classical guitar lessons and many other repertoire tutorials visit www.EliteGuitarist.com.

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3 Responses to “Elite Guitarist Tutorial – Un Dia De Noviembre”

  1. Beaufort says:

    No hay instrumento como la guitar al lado de corazon.

  2. Beautiful tone, phrasing & lyrical expression!

  3. Tim Crawford says:

    Hey Ines, I was listening to this beautiful song you play so well and immediately wanted to learn it. But here’s a twist. Without realizing it at first, I realize it is being played on the exact guitar I just bought from GSI!!
    So, I will be learning this song from you and eventually playing along with you on the same guitar. Nice, huh? I hope you enjoyed playing on this Sakurai “ special” as much as I do.
    I was listening to you play and suddenly realized I recognize the wood on the sides of the guitar. Some of the most beautiful wood I’ve ever seen.
    Now, if I can just practice this piece to get even close to how you play it….


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