I didn’t set out to make each video exactly 33 seconds long, but that’s how it turned out. I got some emails last week asking about the various student model flamencos under $1,000, so I thought I should do some videos of them. I did some demos last week that were a bit longer (you can see them here) and this week I was playing around with the idea of the shortest possible video to give an idea of the guitar. The result turns out to be the 33 second video. Feel free to let me know if this gives you guys enough of an idea to form an opinion of the guitars, or if they’re just too short.

Here’s the Cordoba 45FM

Here’s the GSI Studio Series FC-100

And finally the Francisco Navarro Garcia ‘Student Flamenco.’

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3 Responses to “Student Flamencos – 33 Second Demos”

  1. Wow… props for those tresillos at the end.

  2. ronjazz says:

    The FC-100 seems to have the best overall sound and volume, but they all sound like flamenco guitars rather than classicals with light wood sides and back.

  3. Almino says:

    In my opinion, Navarro is the best here overall… The FC100 might have a louder volume than the Navarro… but the Navarro sounds more Flamenco.

    I think the Cordoba sounds like my Yamaha 171SF or my Yamaha is slightly better since I replaced it with new strings….


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