We have some more great videos of Grisha Goryachev playing some fantastic flamencos, including a 1967 Marcelo Barbero Hijo (not even a flamenco, but a great example of how a good guitar is a good guitar), a 2016 Jesus de Jimenez in spruce and Bolivian rosewood, a 2016 Jeronimo Perez in cedar and pau ferro, a G. V. Rubio ‘1951 Barbero Ex Sabicas’ model blanca, and a 1973 Gerundino Fernandez in cedar and spruce.

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2 Responses to “Grisha at GSI – Part 2”

  1. Dear Grisha:

    As always, terrific playing Grisha. Haven’t seen you since the Parkening days!

    Linas and Patty!

  2. Michael says:

    Bravo !! What a phenomenal performer! Nothing better than hearing a good guitar in the right hands.


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