Here’s more of Peter Fletcher, this time playing the Gavotte from Bach’s Lute Suite #3 on a beautiful 1995 Hermann Hauser III (EX Jonathan Kellerman), Miguel Llobet’s Testament D’Amelia on a new Jose Ramirez Guitarra Del Tiempo, Isaac Albeniz’ Asturias on a 2013 Woonsun Lee, and Asturias and Segovia’s Oración on a 2006 Rafael Moreno Rodriguez ‘Negra’ (another example of great guitars being capable of handling classical or flamenco).

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One Response to “Peter Fletcher at GSI (Part 3)”

  1. Kris Mawyer says:

    I know I shouldn’t comment every time Peter visits y’all and I meant not too but…wow. I mean…truly hypnotic in the best way. Perfect storm of Segovia’s ghostly style of composition, great recording, timeless Andalusian sound of this guitar, and REMARKABLE technique and especially expression. Excuse me so I can play it again…


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