This Summer, July 19 through August 9, 2018, CSU Summer Arts will once again take place in Granada, Spain, in conjunction with the 2nd Annual Granada Guitar Festival and Antonio Marin Montero guitar building competition, and you can take part! Summer Arts is a three-week program of master classes and guitar instruction conducted by some amazing player/teachers, including Pepe Romero, LAGQ, Vicente Coves, Scott Morris, Kai Narezo (me!) and more. Also, Summer Arts is open to just about anyone – not only CSU students or California residents.

There is a substantial amount of financial aid available, too, and the best way to find out how much aid you might get is to apply. Granada is a stunning and inspiring environment in which to study guitar, and you can’t do much better than spending three weeks with the likes of Pepe Romero and LAGQ and surrounded by other talented students who are all there to learn live, eat and drink guitar. GSI is proud to be a sponsor of the CSU Summer Arts in Granada and the Granada Guitar Festival and we hope to hear about some of your adventures in Spain! Application is now open so click over here to apply.

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2 Responses to “CSU Summer Arts in Granada with Pepe Romero, LAGQ and more”

  1. Skip Cutting says:

    Hi. This looks great but I could not find the dates??? Thanks, Skip

  2. Kai says:

    Thanks Skip!
    Dated are July 19-August 9 2018, and I’ve updates the post.



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