Here’s Matt Bacon playing one of his own compositions and a piece from his upcoming book Elements of Indian Music, Vol. 1, which will be published by Mel Bay this May. He plays his Masala Blues on a magnificent 1979 ‘Churchdoor’ Rodriguez in cedar and CSA rosewood, and his arrangement of Kanakangi by Radhika Iyer on a beautiful new 2017 Felipe Conde Crespo classical in spruce and African rosewood.

Kanakangi is the first etude in Matt’s new book, which features 12 etudes arranged by Matt for classical guitar. Each etude is based off Hindustani and/or Carnatic raags and written in standard Western notation. The pieces range in difficulty from beginner to advanced and offer musicians a chance to experience Eastern music while maintaining the familiarity of Western notation. I’m looking forward to diving in when the book comes out!

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One Response to “Matt Bacon – Elements of Indian Music”

  1. Marius Pessah says:

    I commented on Matts last video how enarmored I am of his playing . These two pieces cement those feelings .
    I loved his composition of Masala Blues . It’s exciting to hear a new composition for the guitar the is so
    evocative and exciting . I don’t think we need another performance of Recuerdos or Leyenda . The Rodriquez
    sounds dead in the upper registers . There is no sustain or warmth . The Conde sounds more vibrant .
    Is it his playing ? The recording or the guitar . Matt you are superb !


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