Here’s GSI’s Chris Garwood getting to know a new 2018 Wolfgang Jellinghaus ‘Signature’ model in cedar and Granadillo. This guitar is a cedar double-top with Granadillo back and sides, a floating raised fingerboard and an armrest. It’s one of the best double-tops we’ve seen, especially at this price, and we are very excited to be representing Jellinghaus in the US!

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7 Responses to “First Look – Wolfgang Jellinghaus”

  1. Essa bela obra serve para o estilo Bossa Nova e Samba?.

  2. Michael Rothman says:

    The guitar is magnificent on so many levels. As a woodworker, I am envious. As a guitar player, I will have dreams of this guitar for some time. The tonality is just superb.

  3. Marius Pessah says:

    What a beautiful synthesis of aesthetics and sonority . The woodwork is gorgeous as is the sound .
    Chris Garwoods performance was just perfect . A dream guitar .

  4. Marius Pessah says:

    I just checked the price . $4500 ! It kills the Rodriquez . What a steal . I would buy it but I already own eight .

  5. Dr. Arturo F. Jasso says:

    Wonderful sound, for sure. Difficult to say that it sound louder than a normal excellent guitar, like my 1960 Hauser with a normal fret-board. One has to play it in order to verify the volume and the quality of the sound without the intervention of the electricity of a microphone. Just my opinion.

  6. susanne says:

    I am not so enthusiastic about this guitar: at first you think, Oh hey, great, but at a closer look/listen the sound is loud, but stiff. And when Chris tries a vibrato,the instrument does not respond. For sure it has not the potential and felxibility of a Rodriguez (I own 3), or other really great instruments at GSI.

  7. Marius Pessah says:

    DE Gustibus Non Est Disputantum !


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