Gypsy Kings lead guitarist Tonino Baliardo came by GSI on Sunday before his show at the Greek Theatre to pick out a new guitar. Though he loves his koa Conde AF25/R that he bought from GSI in 2006 and used to record ‘Pasajero’, the last Gypsy Kings album, he wanted something a little bigger and ended up falling in love with a rosewood Conde AF25/R – the Paco guitar. Here he is playing both. The koa one is for sale and should be up on the site shortly, but of course you can call the sales guys anytime if you’re ineterested.

Here he is playing his koa guitar and then his new rosewood one:

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11 Responses to “Tonino Baliardo at GSI”

  1. Jerry says:

    Really cool vids Kai! The guitars do sound very similiar despite their different dimensions. I am seeing the GK’s in Chicago at the Ravinia this month on the 25th, can’t wait – they always put on a great show! I”ll be on the lookout to see if he’s got the new Conde with him, or if he got it just to record with. Sure hope Canut is on tour with the band! Tonino is an amazing player..

  2. Socrates says:

    Awesome! Years ago when I worked at GSI I remember flying out to Atlantic City with a half dozen flamenco guitars for the Gypsy Kings to take home at the end of their US tour. It was amazing having them come to my hotel room after their show at midnight, quietly playing rumbas. Tonino and I playing guitar and Nicolas dozing on the couch, singing softly. I’ll never forget it.

    Glad to see the boys from Arles are still visiting GSI.

  3. cuchares says:

    These should be called the Tononino guitar.He’s obviously who Paco copies.

    • Alvarez says:

      So many things wrong with this comment on so many different levels. Tonino plays Rumba, Paco de Lucia plays Flamenco. Neither musician imitates the other. In fact, Paco has been known to openly insult the Gipsy Kings. Let’s not degrade either musician’s talent by ignorantly declaring that one imitates tho other.

    • kenjo says:

      You must be kidding right? This guy is definitely not a great guitarist.

  4. Miguel Neiret says:

    beautiful guitars! Tonino honestly did not know that true flamenco touch, and not that commercial music made ​​by gypsies kings …

    • Ray McCallum says:

      Duh!!! Miguel que su problema, music is music it does not matter what genre its played in. I happen to like Andres Segovia and Narciso Yepes and so too, do I like Paco and even sat twenty feet from him when he played in San Jose Costa Rica. The Gypsy Kings had their moment and brought pleasure to many thousands of people. I happen to like many styles of the guitar, such as blues, rock and most especially flamenco. I play my own brand of music comprising many styles to my own Native American Culture here in Canada. The guitar loves all cultures!!!

      • Miguel Neiret says:

        I agree with your assessment, I also am a mixture of genres to play. is true that the Gypsy Kings have brought a renewed air, only that many people have confused the rumba with pure flamenco. That’s my only appreciation, say negative (?). if, guitar loves and accepts all music, guitar eternal life!

  5. Garrett says:

    Enjoy the guitar, Tonino! It’s a gem. I should know – It was mine before I traded it in on the Arcangel. Thanks to David!

    All the best!


  6. Esthela says:

    Este hombre es un cabron con la guitarra a mi personalmente me encanta.


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