We are very excited to announce the first GSI Summer Arts Scholarship. The scholarship will provide $2000 towards tuition and housing for one very deserving student to spend three weeks this Summer (July 19 – August 9) in Granada, Spain, as a student at the CSU Summer Arts La Guitarra Española course, which includes master classes with Pepe Romero and LAGQ, and daily instruction from Vicente Coves, Scott Morris and Kai Narezo. The course takes place during the Granada Guitar Festival, which will feature concerts all month. The scholarship will go to a talented guitar student who would greatly benefit from study in Spain. The winner will be chosen by the GSI staff based not only on talent, but on the student’s commitment to the guitar and to the guitar community. Deadline for application for Summer Arts and the scholarship is April 9, 2018.

CSU Summer Arts is open to all – it is not limited to CSU Students or to California or US residents. All are welcome to apply and attend.

Here’s what you need to do to apply:

1. Apply for the course by clicking here (application is free)
2. Send a video link of yourself playing guitar to kai@guitarsalon.com
3. Send a short essay explaining how you would benefit from studying in Granada this summer
and your career goals to kai@guitarsalon.com
4. Start packing your bags!

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