Check out this video about Edmund Blöchinger’s Dome guitar, so named because the wood for the top came from the dome of the Munich Frauenkirche, or Cathedral of Our Lady, which was all but destroyed in Allied bombing in 1945. Wood from the dome was salvaged by Franz Fuchs, who determined that wood with this pedigree should be used for stringed instruments, and it was Fuchs’ son, Gerald, who made the wood available to Blöchinger. It’s a great story that has resulted in some amazing instruments, and another reminder of the passion that guitar makers bring to their search for the best materials in the world. You can also read more about the history of the wood here.

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3 Responses to “The Dome Guitar”

  1. ronjazz says:

    What a beautiful story, and a fine-sounding guitar.

  2. Brian Hays says:

    What an incredible instrument!

    It’s truly remarkable to have that kind of history crafted into a beautiful
    guitar with such a lovely sound by a master guitar builder.

    Kudos to Edmund Blochinger for seeing the opportunity and bringing it to fruition.

  3. Beautiful story and Guitar.


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