Julius Reder Carlson is a musicologist and ethnomusicologist at UCLA who came in to the shop a few weeks ago and really impressed everyone with his playing, so we were very happy when he accepted our invitation to come record some guitars. Here he is playing guitars by Richard Howell, Henner Hagenlocher, Kenneth Brögger and Stefano Moccetti.

Here he is improvising on a flamenco-ish theme on a 2001 Richard Howell guitar.

This is Sérgio Assad’s ‘Valseana’ on a that same 2001 Richard Howell guitar.

This is Eduardo Falu’s ‘El Mishi” on a 2011 Henner Hagenlocher spruce-top.

This is David Russell’s transcription of Bach’s flute sonata BWV 1034 played on a 2011 Kenneth Brogger maple/spruce.

And here’s ‘Valseana’ again, this time played on a 2004 Stefano Moccetti guitar.

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9 Responses to “Julius Reder Carlson at GSI”

  1. Peter Hughes says:

    A great set of recording from a player who clearly loves the instrument.

  2. Tom says:

    The recorded sound is much improved on some recent examples – thanks. To my ear, the Howell sounds dark and serious but surprisingly responsive to rasgueado. The Hagenlocher is typically ‘Granada’: light and lively while the Brogger is somewhere in between, rather neutral-sounding. The Moccetti sounds close to Romanillos, very musical and an interesting contrast with the Howell. Fine playing from Julius Reder Carlson makes these differences very clear – thanks to him too.

  3. Abby says:

    This is one of the more enjoyable set of recordings I have seen. I can see why he impressed. I like the variety of music and I think the guitars were showcased well. You should include the name of the pieces played as well as guitar and performer. I always want to know what I am listening to. Thanks to all for the recordings.

  4. Tom says:

    It’s interesting, and sometimes amusing, to compare these videos with the descriptions on the GSI website. I guess thinking up new things to say about guitars can be tiresome at times. Comparing a Brogger to a Fleta or a Bouchet seems like a bit of a stretch (no disrespect to Mr Brogger intended).

  5. Bob Vasquez says:

    Julius’ musical talent is great; I really enjoyed listening to him.

    One thought “from the audience” and probably a level 1 beginner: Playing such beautiful music and looking off into space doesn’t feel right to me. I am not really very good (yet) but, when I practice, I just want to embrace my guitar and where I am able to play 3 measures from memory (which is rare), I just close my eyes and feel the music.

  6. Daniel says:

    Terrific recordings! What thoughtful, sensitive playing on such warm, resonant guitars. Thanks for sharing.

  7. StevieCee says:

    Mr. Carlson is a wonderful player… really enjoyed it! The 2001 Richard Howell sounds great too. Thanks!

  8. Peter Gasperoni says:

    Thank you for such wonderful entertainment. Peter


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