The Quattro Palos Guitar Quartet, from Tokyo, Japan, was in town on tour recently and came by to record some videos with us. They played Boccherini’s Introduction and Fandango on guitars by Teodoro Perez as well as Samba de Viento by Shigeru Matsuoka on guitars by La Cañada (all of which happened to be the “A” or antiqued models). From left to right the members of the quartet are Tsukasa Maeda, Hidenori Haginoya, Jun-ichi Tajikawa and Taishi Saito. For the Bocherini they played the Perez ‘La Emperatriz’, Especial, Maestro and Concierto models, and for the Matsuka they played the La Cañada 115A and the 17A in maple and in granadillo.

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