We were thrilled to have the great Zoran Dukić at GSI a couple of weeks ago. He recorded the piece ‘451’ from Stephen Goss’ Cinema Paradiso on the 1969 Jose Ramirez that was owned by Andres Segovia from 1969 to 1980. As the piece was inspired by the book and film Farenheit 451, in which books are banned and burned, Goss decided not to publish the score for 451, but rather to have the piece shared by rote from player to player.

Our friends at tonebase shot a video lesson so everyone can learn the piece as taught by Zoran, and they are offering a coupon code to friends of GSI so you can try out tonebase premium for free for one month. Simply go over to tonebase and use coupon code GSI-TONEBASE to get your free month and learn this piece. Tonebase also features tons of great lessons from some of the top players in the world, so it’s really worth checking out wherever you’re at in your guitar studies.

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7 Responses to “Zoran Dukic at GSI”

  1. Ed says:

    Very beautiful tone with a simple yet elegant chordal melody.

  2. jesse vernier says:

    Very nice choice of music to reveal the capabilities of that instrument…sweet woods and temperament from that wonderful age in the Jose Ramirez shop. Thank you for your reverence Maestro.

  3. Pablo says:

    A ponderous piece of dreck performed pompously which doesn’t reveal anything about the guitar; other than that, awesome!!

  4. Don witter says:

    I am a bit disappointed that this piece does little to show the capabilities of this instrument. I know Zoran and he is one of the greats of our craft.I also heard this instrument played by the maestro here in New York who was able to draw many colors from it. Bad repertoire choice

  5. Bart Aerts says:

    Awesomely beautiful played!!

    Breathtaking sound colors!!

  6. Marius Pessah says:

    I was very disappointed by this piece . I found it to be uninspired and
    none emotive . I personally would spend my time learning a different piece of
    music . In addition , the piece doesn’t evoke the potentials of this
    guitar which leads to my last comment . One would never guess the
    pedigree of the instrument listing to it . It lacks resonance , warmth
    and tonal color . Again and again , more important than the instrument
    is the the player . Andres you are missed .

  7. zoran says:

    Very happy 451 is attracting so much attention. All I can say is that while I’m playing it I feel totally immersed and enveloped by its serene beauty, apart of its brilliant four-five-one (note, chord, phrase) structure, so much that when I play that last “One” note I feel sad its finished and don’t know whether Johnny Cash is on my mind or some other of the zillion “one-nesses” to choose from. And maybe this is the appropriate media to uncover a little secret to the very composer of these beautifully fulfilling notes, something I’ve never told him before! For my birthday I always get my mailbox cluttered with that overused Star Wars phrase, but here I would like to change it into “Fourth the May be with One” 🙂
    love to you all.
    P.S. btw this is only the short 5th movement from the fantastic 6 movement suite called Cinema Paradiso.


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