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I am super excited to announce that my new book Flamenco Explained, co-written with my good friend, classical guitarist Scott Wolf, DMA, is out and ready to ship! The idea behind Flamenco Explained is to demystify how flamenco works so that classical guitarists (or anyone, really) can understand this amazing art form without dropping everything and moving to Spain. Flamenco Explained isn’t a method. Rather it’s a book that breaks down the inner workings of flamenco and explains how Compás works and prepares new flamenco players to work and communicate with other flamenco musicians. For classical players in particular, the book gives context so you can bring authenticity to your flamenco pieces.

You can read more about why I wrote the book on the Flamenco Explained website. And if you have questions or comments about the book I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Stephen Carney says:

    Love this! Just ordered my copy! Thanks Kai and Scott!


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