Our friend Taro Wayama was back at GSI, this time to record a cycle of preludes he wrote. He played his five preludes for us on guitars by Jochen Rothel, Otto Vowinkel, Tobias Berg, Francisco Simplicio and Masaki Sakurai.

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3 Responses to “Taro Wayama – Five Preludes”

  1. Kent McCombs says:

    Wonderful preludes composed by Taro and played extremely well. His approach to this type of avant-garde music comes from a deep knowledge of composition, musical history, technique, and heart. Thanks for all that you do Taro, and for sharing your gift with us all. You are at one with your guitar and music.

  2. Rick Cox says:

    Ditto what Ken said!

  3. Rick Cox says:

    I meant ditto what Kent said!


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